Stratton Craig

Stratton Craig is a copywriting company with offices in London and Bristol in the UK, and Sydney in Australia. They help local, national, and global businesses find a distinctive voice through language consultancy, content marketing, and exceptional copywriting. They have been around for more than 30 years and in 2008, the CEO, Darren, acquired the company.

Darren has brought his experience in sales and marketing, as well as business development to direct the strategy and vision of the company. With his particular expertise in consumer, financial services, and healthcare sectors, it is easy to see why the company focuses on these areas, among many others. He has also worked with international brands like Virgin, British Airways, Sky, and Arsenal FC to build their brands.

Copywriting Services

Stratton Craig provide a wide variety of services including copywriting training, translation services, global content, tone of voice, digital copywriting, and more.


Their copywriting service encompasses a wide range of work including party political speeches, annual reports, brochures, and more. They can get involved with everything from content strategy to writing and creating a new tone of voice for a business. The company’s copywriters focus on getting to know a brand, understanding the business’ target audience, and producing clear, compelling, and sharp copywriting.

Corporate report writing

Their corporate report writing service includes integrated reports, sustainability report writing, and annual report writing. They provide a service for businesses who are looking to improve their communications with stakeholders. In the last decade, Stratton Craig have written annual and sustainability reports for various clients including London Development Agency, Health & Safety Laboratory, Vodafone, Royal Bank of Scotland, and United Utilities, among others.

Digital copywriting

The company’s digital copywriting service encompasses news feeds, social media strategy and updates, SEO, and content for websites. Their copywriters produce content that is search engine friendly and sharable, compelling, and relevant.

They do digital copywriting for every aspect of a business’s online strategy, including microsites, pay-per-click advertising, online reports, email campaigns, and websites. Their copywriters also prepare content for social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Beyond that, they provide social media advisory services to help businesses learn how they can take advantage of social media tools.

Content marketing

The company’s content marketing service includes content writing and content strategy. It is designed to help businesses demonstrate their expertise and knowledge in key areas, encourage conversation about their products, services, or brand, as well as improve their rankings for key search phrases.

Tone of voice

Stratton Craig offers a language consultancy service that is aimed at helping businesses find their tone of voice with help from their tone of voice and brand language specialists. Through stakeholder engagement, research, and workshops, the company helps businesses discover who they are and how they are different from their competitors. They analyse how a business uses language and suggest new ways of expressing its key message.

Global copy

The company has a special service for global brands who are looking to achieve international business success. They help businesses with offices in different parts of the world to maintain clarity and consistency in their communications while retaining a uniform message and quality that does not get lost in translation.


Stratton Craig offer an end-to-end translation service that is available in more than 40 languages including Chinese, Marathi, Russian, German, and French. They work with writers who are native speakers of the required language in order to ensure the highest possible quality of work. These writers are also specialists in key subject areas and are registered with professional bodies like as The Institute of Translating and Interpreting, and The Chartered Institute of Linguists.

Who have Stratton Craig worked with in the past?

The company has worked with a number of big and small brands including Vodafone, Sony, Barclays, Orange, Sky, Honda, KPMG, British Airways, Virgin, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Fiat, and many more. From ongoing copy for websites to brochures, the company has done and continues to do a wide range of work for these companies.

Do Stratton Craig have a specific kind of company they work with?

They provide services for companies in different sectors including automotive, energy, construction, education, retail, legal, financial services, travel and leisure, and healthcare. Having worked with the number of companies they have in the automotive sector, Stratton Craig are well qualified to handle any kind of copy for businesses in that sector.

They have also worked with businesses in the healthcare sector on communications that targeted hospitals, government bodies, patients, and health care professionals, using their team of content strategists and healthcare copywriters.

From property profiles to high volumes of destination pages, the company has worked with travel and leisure brands to produce copy that is intended to personalise customer experience. For businesses that are looking to simplify financial language and provide clear and transparent financial content and copywriting, the writers at Stratton Craig are able to help them that communicate effectively to their stakeholders and clients.

The Stratton Craig website has more details on these and other sectors they work with closely.

What does their copywriting process involve?

At Stratton Craig, they get to know your brand by spending time with you, researching your competitors and industry, as well as understanding the objectives of your customers. Then they go on to present their recommendations and create a content strategy that is aligned to your business’s objectives. If you are interested in their copyrighter training program, they help make sure your team can take ownership of your business’s tone of voice and content. Finally, they regularly monitor results to make sure your content is performing as it should. To maximise value and effectiveness, they refine and improve your content where needed, as well as watch your KPIs and objectives to see what works and what doesn’t.


Their prices are not readily available on the website, so you will have to contact them directly.


Stratton Craig have a team that is comprised of tone of voice and verbal identity specialists, project managers, content strategists, and copywriters.