RightlyWritten is a content writing and marketing agency providing top notch content creation and management services to companies. They are specialised in writing articles, press releases, blogs, creative writing, resumes, reviews, whitepaper, technical writing, website content, email and social media content. They offer a, exceptional live chat feature on their website, in addition to premium quality and a great turnaround time.

Copywriting Services

RightlyWritten offers Article Writing Services aimed at making customers the stand-out authority. They offer a thoughtful blend of gripping SEO content and enticing headlines to increase the desire of prospective clients to learn more about a business. Article writing is a demanding science that requires real expertise of dedicated and highly qualified writers, but RightlyWritten is able to uniquely provide high quality informative articles because they have the requirements to do so – writers who are qualified and passionate about their work, and highly skilled at incorporating SEO words in the right quantity and at the right time within an article.

Blog Writing Service from RightlyWritten is one of the best in the business. With brilliantly written blogs put together by blog writing wizards at this digital copywriting agency, readers are sure to stay glued to content from start to finish. Customers are guaranteed blogs that follow their unique tone, resulting in consistently impactful blogs. No matter the client direction with mood and tone, blog posts by RightlyWritten are sure to display understanding of the required concept. Their blog writing service can be relied on to build confidence and trust in the readers which will directly lead to more loyal customers who buy into the brand.

When you need a website with show stopping content that creates the desired response from both bots and humans, RightlyWritten’s Website Content Writing Service is a great place to start. Their service is a great choice because they understand that having outstanding website content is an effective way to increase business credibility and exposure. They have many years of proven track record under their belt and can deliver results that are in sync with their customers’ desires. Therefore, the company offers easy access to world class writers, offering their accuracy, creativity, proficiency and dedication to quality as a part of the deal. RightlyWritten’s writers are more than simply smart, they have the skill to craft content that honestly, really and truly delivers.

There’s nothing but good things that can be said about the Social Media Services offered by RightlyWritten. They create social media content that is immediately compelling, but goes beyond that to be engaging, share-worthy and capable of leaving a lasting mental impression. By taking language, timeliness and audience engagement into consideration, RightlyWritten experts can ensure that you get positive feedback from your efforts to boost your social media efforts presence, whether through Twitter or Facebook. The company guarantees proper content structure and formatting, persuasive, grammatically correct content and enhanced brand visibility through informative and engaging posts.

Other services offered by RightlyWritten include product descriptions, creative writing service, review writing, resume writing, and so on.

How Can I Order Content on RightlyWritten?

After clients register, they can place their orders immediately with specifications about their content. Payment is then made for the order so that it can be given to a RightlyWritten verified writer to begin work. If a certain writer has been previously used by a customer who wants the same writer for the job, the preference can be requested. As soon as the article has been submitted, the client is expected to accept the work within a few days, or make a request for revisions for any unsatisfactory parts. When the client is satisfied and the task has been marked ‘completed’, the writer can receive payment.

Can Customers Contact Writers Directly?

Unlike other content writing platforms, RightlyWritten is structured with its own team of in-house copywriters who pass through precise and strenuous tests in the application process. Therefore, they cannot be allowed to have direct contact with clients. In addition, RightlyWritten has a hiring rate of about 16% of applications to writing positions received because we have extremely high standards to get top notch talent on-board.

How Competent Are Writers With SEO?

RightlyWritten ensures that all writers participate in several sessions of premium SEO skill trainings every quarter. New hires also undergo special training sessions to help them learn copywriting best practices and SEO writing. Each writer is therefore able to follow instructions related to SEO. Submitted work is also reviewed by editors to ensure the work meets up to acceptable SEO guidelines.

How to Request a Revision on RightlyWritten

As soon as a project has been marked delivered, the client has a period of 3 days to either accept the content or ask for a rewrite. Customers who want revision to their content can click on a button marked Ask for Revision’ on the project screen and provide a clear reason for the request before clicking on ‘submit’. After this, the project would be marked in ‘revision requested’ status and the necessary action will be taken regarding it.

RightlyWritten Writers and Payment

RightlyWritten hires only the best copywriters to work with them. Interested copywriters are required to submit their CV in addition to existing writing samples and links to their published works before being considered for the job. The applicant writers are then tested and when they pass, they are hired on a trial basis to evaluate their ability to work with a wide range of clients and meet up with tight deadlines. Periodic assessments are also conducted to maintain the quality of each writer, and ensure consistency.

RightlyWritten offers monthly blog packages for clients who do not want single blogs that they have to order again and again. Clients who prefer to order a fixed amount of monthly blogs can do so, and payments will be automatically deducted on a specific date on a recurring basis. In addition, RightlyWritten does not offer refunds for work that has already been submitted. However, in extreme cases, the company might be open to working with clients on a case by case basis.

Website: https://www.rightlywritten.com/