Recruiting expat writers now!

Writer Training RoomAt Daily Posts we are always searching for talented writers. We have writers all over the world producing top quality content on a daily basis. Some of our staff are part-time, some are full-time.

The writing business is a competitive place these days. Expats do particularly well with us because they often require a lower wage than journalists working back at home. This means that we can offer great rates to our clients with the same top level work that they expect. It is a win/win situation. You get a regular stream of work, our clients get compelling, well-written copy.

Most of our writers work for around £7 to £14 per hour. It really depends on how efficient you can make yourself. We do have higher level work for exceptional writers too.

Our business model is based around facilitating learning and development, and providing a simple workflow for our writers. We have a virtual office from which all of our staff work on a self-serve model. Writers can take as much or as little work as they wish, as long as the satisfy quality levels and meet deadlines. There are training courses to cover the specifics of the ‘Daily Posts Way’, and the nuances of different types of content. Find out a bit more about our copywriting process here.

If you are a journalist, or just a talented writer, then register today.