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Get your site content refreshed and rewritten, overcoming content penalties and making the content relevant once more.

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Refresh your website with a re-write- Duplicate content- Google Penalty- No Problem!

Picture the grubby exterior of a house – its paint is dried and flaking, the colour long since faded… to passers-by it looks derelict, not worth their attention. However, with a simple lick of paint, this house could become presentable, clean and inviting in no time at all.

Now think of this house as a neglected web page; untouched, no update for weeks or months on end. It has the exact same effect as the grubby home – readers/site visitors won’t stick around, they’ll think nobody’s home and head to a competitor site instead.

Whether you have suffered a Google content penalty, or just want a content refresh, we are here to get the job done.

Our lick of paint comes in the form of a re-write. That might seem like a huge, daunting task, but all your anxieties can be ironed out with a quick call to Daily Posts, for their content re-writing services.

With the quality of writers available at Daily Posts, re-writing content and repairing poor quality or duplicate material couldn’t be simpler. Unlike the construction of a whole new website and its subsequent content, the service we deliver means that you can have your site updated, live and pulling in visitors again, in the blink of a proverbial eye.

Content re-writing

Again, picture it: as you look through your current current website, you notice a few words that don’t quite apply anymore, some services that have long since been taken out of your roster. As you continue on, you spy more and more little mistakes, until whole paragraphs look outdated and irrelevant; keywords are redundant and headlines don’t deliver the intended impact. It’ s a nightmare!

Luckily for you, Daily Posts is a professional writing service that tackles all sizes of jobs; from full site overhauls to a few article tweaks – you’re in good hands with it all.

When you come to us for your site’s resurrection, we promise:

• Fresh, appealing content.
• Accessible and user-friendly articles, to engage your audience directly.
• Up-to-date facts, figures and data.
• An interesting array of topics.
• Relevant articles, with regard to your particular industry.

Our writing staff begins by analysing your current website and its dated content. They then go on to highlight areas in need of improvement, by picking out points of interest, keywords and sections of material – then update them to meet a high standard. Naturally, this process is carried out with the guidance of our clients: any guidelines that you set will be followed religiously.

Never doubt the importance of fresh writing: before you discontinue that particular product, with a poor sales record, try rewriting its product description first – that might be all it takes to reengage your audience.

Duplicate content penalty re-writing

Duplicate content, across a domain, in an attempt to manipulate search engine rankings can result in a heavy penalty. This duplication in material can sometimes be intentional, but many businesses don’t actually realise that they’ve done it.

This is why a professional writing agency, like ourselves, is required to come in and scan your entire website objectively. Avoiding the duplication penalties is highly important for a brand’s perception; the punishments can be as drastic as huge redactions in the website’s search engine ranking and indexing (effectively culling your natural traffic).

Daily Posts’ writing service can solve your duplicated content in several ways, by:

• Rewriting the duplicated pages entirely.
• Merging duplicated pages.
• Re-arranging and modifying single or multiple pages to eliminate duplicity.

This process applies to every single page across your website; such is our commitment to meticulous service.

Luckily, duplicate content doesn’t pose any serious issues for a writing company of Daily Posts calibre – so, rest assured that your company is in safe, experienced hands.

If your website needs a clean-up, or an entire overhaul, then sign up with Daily Posts today and bring your neglected site back to its former glory. Feel free to contact us on (UK) 02380 970 979 or (US) (646) 679-7971 for answers to any questions, or to begin your consultation process!