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Creating website copy content that gets results

Every business, large or small, needs an online presence these days; from social media and company blogs to functional multi-paged websites. However, populating websites can seem like a daunting task. This is where Daily Posts comes in – a writing company that produces top tier website copy for companies around the globe.

At Daily Posts, we fully understand that website content is crucial to building your brand and converting prospects into sales. We get it right – every time.

Whether you are launching a new website or adding content to an existing one, Daily Posts’ writers can help you develop the right message and deliver it with the perfect one. Our consultative approach to writing projects ensures that we are on the same page, and that the end results meet all of your requirements.

As a quality writing company, we only employ writers with a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge of the contemporary marketing world. The bread and butter of Daily Posts is creating website content focused on funneling and converting visitors, imparting relevant industry information and building brands.

Regular, quality content throughout your website’s pages are vital for customer and reader attention; with that in mind, Daily Posts can deliver you quality websites that:

• Contain short punchy paragraphs.
• Deliver error free content.
• Draw readers’ attention with eye-catching headlines and subtitles.
• Engage and motivate the reader toward making a purchase.
• Match your tone.

We will deliver a website that’s more than just an engaging read

Website projects vary in size and complexity. Some of our clients come looking for hundreds of micro-style websites to build their online presence. Others require higher quality, branded site content that is perfectly aligned with their company philosophy, voice and financial goals. No matter how big, small or ambitious in scope – Daily Posts writing agency will deliver.

Finding the correct tone for your site can only be achieved when we understand your brand and industry. This is why our writers carry out lots of research by reviewing your website, interviewing authorities within your industry or company, and carry competitor research, before getting to work.

We are a professional writing agency which means we are able to structure your site and its content for popular search engines’ semantic algorithms and semantic search criteria. Our writers fully understand keywords, and will apply their research to your readership, too. This helps them to tailor content in such a way that customer queries are answered in the main written material, before the reader has even had a chance to ask it!

Quality website content without a inciting call to action amounts to nothing more than an engaging read. Daily Posts’ writers have years of experience with converting readers into customers, thus our articles will not just match your tone but, also include an appropriate call-to-action towards the end.

More than words

The way in which digital content is arranged and displayed plays a huge role in retaining reader attention and can even have an effect over important emotions, such as impulse and desire. This is why our writing uses content analysis, to locate pertinent words such as free, you, new, and instantly – before turning them into ‘power’ words that elicit some action from the visitor.

Writing companies, such as ourselves, deliver website content based on what your readership desires. Being able to get inside the head of your target market and subsequently form content around all desires ad needs, allows us to deliver quality marketing material that will translate to an increase in traffic and page ranking.

At Daily Posts, we’re proud to have the best talent in the modern day digital writing sphere, with the experience and knowledge of search engine optimisation to really turn your website’s prospects around.

No matter your industry, type of business or writing requirement: we know exactly how to handle your situation. Should you wish to take a look at some of our incredible past work, feel free to view some examples throughout our website.

If, however, you just can’t wait to get started, then you can set up an account with Daily Posts today either by signing up on our main site, or by contacting us on (UK) 02380 970 979 or (US) (646) 679-7971 to kick-start your consultation!

Introduce Your Business To The World Via Quality Web Copy

Whether you are launching a new website, or are looking to add content to your existing web presence, we can help you develop the right message, and deliver it with the right tone. Our consultative, quality-focused approach ensures that you get the right content to achieve your goals. We are tremendously experienced creators of content to funnel and convert visitors, impart information, and “build the brand”.

Website projects vary in size and complexity. Some of our clients are looking for hundreds of micro style websites to build their online presence. Others want higher quality branded site content that is perfectly aligned with their company philosophy, company voice and company goals. Bulk projects can attract discounts off of our standard rates, so Get a Quote if you have a lot of content to produce.

The Process

Getting the right tone for your site can only be achieved when we understand your brand and industry. We will review your website, interview an appropriate person in your organization (probably you), do some competitor research, then get to work. Website content is crucial to building your brand and converting prospects into sales. We get it right every time!

Website copy is charged in units of 100 words. Multiply the number of pages you require by the approximate word count per page and place your order.

Example: For a 15 page website of 400 words per page order 60 units (6,000 words).

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