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A highly quality product may perform less than its full potential in the market simply from the communication barriers from complex language and data, technical jargon, verbiage. At Daily Posts, our writers creatively reconstruct such messages in simpler, easy-to-understand and easy-to-relate-with language, while still retaining the original meaning and intent of the client’s message.

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DailyPosts: Professional and Creative Product Copywriters at Your Disposal

It is an unforgivable mistake to simply describe your product and call what you have done ‘product description’. This is because a great product copy is supposed to also sell the product in question.

For instance, when you plainly say that your product has Feature A, you are basically describing the product and are wrongly assuming that consumers will understand what Feature A means and does. However, when you go on to clearly explain what Feature A does and how that benefits consumers, then you have successfully tailored a product description that sells the product.

To do this, you need a competent product copywriter. That is what DailyPosts brings to the table – product copywriters who have had many years to perfect their product copywriting skills through constant learning and actual experience.

Work with us at DailyPosts to highlight the glimmers and shimmers of your product or service and incite a deep yearning in your prospects. Sign up today.

Why Outsource Your Product Description Writing to DailyPosts Product Copywriters?

  • Free Up Business Resources

Producing your product description in-house would only tie up business resources (time, staff, and computers) on a task outside your staff’s sphere of skills, and this affects productivity. However, by outsourcing your product copywriting to DailyPosts, you free up those resources and channel them to normal business operations, thus boosting productivity.

  • It’s Cost-Effective

While producing your product descriptions in-house may seem affordable, it’s actually cost-ineffective, since assigning such tasks to regular staff would only upset your normal business operations and hamper productivity. Therefore, without realizing it, your business will be losing money.

DailyPosts chargeseither per hour or per word count, and our pricing ranks among the most reasonable in the industry. By outsourcing your product description writing to DailyPosts’ product copywriters, you take a cost-effective route towards crafting robust product descriptions.

  • You Favour Quality

When you produce your product description in-house, you risk compromising quality, unless you have full-time professional product copywriters under your employ, which is unlikely.

However, when you hire product copywriters from DailyPosts to craft your product description, you leverage our immense copywriting expertise and years of experience. What you get in the end is a product description that exudes originality, is free of grammatical and typographical errors, and one that combines proper copywriting elements and tools to assure high conversion rates.

  • Our Product Copywriters are Experts

At DailyPosts, we employ only expert product copywriters that render their craft with flair. Our rigorous recruitment tests, which only about 10% of prospective copywriters pass, make sure of that.

We regularly invest in updating our product copywriters’ skills to ensure that they keep abreast with the current trends in the copywriting industry, from the ever-evolving SEO elements and tools to learning new strategies for delivering product descriptions that guarantee conversion.

  • Quick Turnaround

When you outsource your product copywriting, you want to know that the writing company you choose can deliver with speed that matches the urgency of your product rollout timetable. DailyPosts has the resources to meet your deadline without compromising the quality of your product description.

  • Benefits from a Persuasive, Professional Tone

While persuasion should be a vital aspect of your product description, it needs to be balanced with a professional tone. The two work hand-in-hand to play on your prospective clients’ emotion and reasoning; to get them to desire your product, and at the same time give them cogent reasons to back up their desires.

DailyPosts leverages its copywriters’ immense creativity and versatility to craft product descriptions with a tone that exudes persuasion and professionalism. When you hire us to tailor your product description, high conversion is inevitable.

  • Search Engine Optimised Product Description

In this internet age where over 80% of consumers now rely on the web for information about various products and services, and where businesses are flooding the web to utilise the different sales opportunities it offers, there is a need for your product description to stand out.

If you produce waterproof hiking shoes, you definitely want the link to the webpage containing your product description to appear at the top of Google search results when a consumer searches for waterproof hiking shoes. How do you achieve that?

It’s simple. By integrating proper SEO in your product description. DailyPosts can help you do that. Our product copywriters have the expertise.

  • Product Copywriting with Clarity and Proper Formatting

Not every consumer wants, or has the time to read every word on your product description. That is why your product description should be as concise as possible, and also leverage formatting that favours quick reading and easy scanning of the text, without compromising the message.

At DailyPosts, our copywriters understand the various copywriting techniques (and have the imagination to brainstorm more techniques) that guarantee clarity in readability and formatting. When we are done tailoring your product description, any consumer that comes across it will be engaged.

  • Your Product Copy Will Speak to Your Prospects

To deliver a product copy that engages and converts, we focus on the benefits, not features. By vividly highlighting the rewards of your product or service, we stimulate your audience’s mind. We take them on a vicarious journey in which they mentally experience those rewards. When they come out of that experience, all they would want to do is procure your product.

  • First, we consider your product features, dozens of them when possible.
  • Then we research your prospects to understand their needs and desires.
  • Next, we use the information we have gathered to narrow down the list of your product features by identifying the ones that your prospects would care about.
  • Finally, we identify how each feature benefits your prospects.

These are the points our copywriters will address to deliver a product copy that reveals both the features of your product and their benefits to your prospects. This is how we assure high conversion with our product copywriting service.

Start engaging and converting new clients now with your product copies. Leverage the expertise of DailyPosts’ copywriters. Create an account with us.