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Persuasive Copy for Your Direct Marketing Campaigns

Direct marketing is one effective way to ensure customers respond to your business services. Do you need a professionally written email marketing copy or newsletters to reach your audience faster? Instead of spend precious man-hours trying craftingcopy; why not let the professionals do it for you?

DailyPostswriting agency has a team of experienced direct marketing copywriters. We can provide copy to drive traffic via your email marketing campaigns to your online sales pages. Regardless of your niche, we are a group of research-minded prolific writers who can solve your copy problems.

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At DailyPosts, we believe every business can reach their target market with the right mix of emotional and professional messaging. We take time to understand your business voice, and customer language. Subsequently, we create content that reflects the customer’s requirements and solutions provided by your business. Our direct marketing copywriters can help you reach your audience with articulated copy. To know more, please contact us here.

We create content for any business type from corporate to trade services. Our foolproof system guarantees service efficiency. Following research and content production, our copy editors look through each piece for final corrections and presentation.

 Direct Marketing is about Nurturing Relationships

Our direct marketing copywriters understand that the goal of direct marketing campaigns is to build and sustain loyal relationships between you and your customers. This is reflected in content for your email marketing pieces, blog posts, newsletters and other lead nurturing efforts.

We take into consideration the demographic, online language, and behaviour. Supposing you are a shoe retailer serving the millennial market, your content marketing strategy should convey youth and vivacity. Conversely, a gardening tools business will be environmentally conscious and down to earth in their communication style.

We offer flexible services and deliver before deadlines. If for some reason we are unable to meet a deadline, we inform you ahead of the time to avoid complications.

Communicate Your Business Message

A business needs the right message to reach and convince its target audience. At our writing company, we have a deep understanding of the digital marketing space, and can produce content specific to customers on various online channels.

A poorly written email post or newsletter will generate no response or worse case,may not be opened by the recipient. The headline can determine how appealing your content is. We have spent years writing communications for clients, so we know how to craft headlines to get the right response.

In addition to producing a message that resonates with your business, our content is:

  • Easy to understand- developed specifically for the target audience.
  • Connects your brand directly to your audience.
  • Builds relationships.
  • Inspires customers to take action.
  • Helps convert leads into sales.

A Content Plan will Generate More Sales

Without a clear content strategy, a campaign will seldom produce the right results. Where there is no clear call to action statements or relevant navigation buttons, the message will be less effective.

Our direct marketing copywriters will develop content to fit properly into your online marketing strategy. You can incorporate it into social media, email marketing, blog posts and landing pages. We aim to help you develop a real connection with your audience using appropriate content.

Convert Customers with Persuasive Copy

Web copy isn’t only about drawing attention and engaging customers. The big question is, does it convert? If you have sizable web traffic to your site and an equally long engagement time without conversion, it doesn’t contribute much to business sales.

Persuasive copy must inspire action to buy, sign up, or call your office. At DailyPosts, we write content with the aim to sell. Your website is an online store and your web copy is the sales team. That is this mind-set we use to produce direct marketing copy for our clients’ campaigns.

Every sent newsletter is an opportunity to strengthen a customer relationship or produce a sale conversion at your website. Our copywriters help you get it right from the start, so you don’t lose customers in the early stages of communication.

Our direct marketing copywriters can also produce:

  • FAQs pages;
  • Blogs and guest posts;
  • White papers (for newsletters);
  • Case studies; and
  • Customer guides.

Additional Benefits of Professional Direct Marketing Copywriting

  • Increase your return on investment

When you produce copy with impactful call-to-action, you receive high response rates. Your sales will most likely increase and affect your bottom line positively.

  • Convert nurtured leads to sales

A well-written copy can convince a tentative lead to switch sides and become a loyal customer. This is possible, especially when you have been nurturing the customer for some time.

  • Establish yourself as an authority

By producing fresh content continuously, you instil a sense of authority in the minds of your customers. Soon, your website becomes the go-to place for authentic information. This puts you ahead of other businesses in the same market and increases your ranking on search engines.

 What DailyPosts Offers

In addition to producing high quality direct-marketing content, our rates are flexible and accessible to the clients we serve globally.

Since the inception of our writing agency, we have always delivered original content. We have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarised material, and ensure exclusivity of content produced for clients.

Our direct marketing copywriters create:

  • 100% Fresh copy (plagiarism free);
  • Content that builds relationships between brands and consumers;
  • Thoroughly proof-read material; and
  • Copy that generates action.

The DailyPost Process

Our clients start by creating an account on our registration page. For every task, you are required to complete a form containing all details of the intended project.  This includes the word count, the type of project, any URLs, anchor words, referrals and the deadline.

You will also be required to indicate the price point for the task, so we can assign it to a direct marketing copywriter relevant to your niche.

Afterwards, the draft is sent to a copy editor for correction of mistakes and final presentation.

We ensure our projects are submitted ahead of the deadlines.

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