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To craft powerful copy for your direct mail advertising campaign, you need a direct mail copywriter with experience in advertising and sales. Understand your prospects, win theirtrust, highlight the benefits and solutions your product packages, and compel your prospects to make favourable buying decisions. Choose Daily Posts’ direct mail copywriters.

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Direct Mail Copywriter

Sales, sales, and sales. That is what DailyPosts believe direct mail copywriting is about, and that is the metric with which our direct mail copywriters measure the success of a campaign. Even in an age dominated by the internet and email advertising, we continue to prove the power of an effective direct mail campaign for our clients in terms of return on investment (ROI).

If anything, it would seem that the more this form of advertising is ignored and dismissed as old school, the more effective it is becoming.

Our copywriters have been in this industry for decades. They have perfected the art of writing effective sales letters that connect emotionally with the target audience. They dig deep to find the right unique selling proposition (USP) that will connect with your audience. And they can do the same for you. Sign up now for an account to start the process.

Why Are Our Copywriters Special?

TO be candid, our copywriters do not have any secret that the top copywriters in the industry don’t know about. The top copywriters understand the principles that guide them. However, our direct mail copywriters pull in results that other direct mail copywriters envy.

Perhaps they simply have the talent to pull in more sales. The truth is this: you could show some of the best football players everything Messi does, but how many can replicate his result consistently? Our copywriters just know how to write direct mail copies that beat other copies.

The Challenge

There is no need to sugar coat it. You’ve probably been burned. The internet and direct mail industry are simply filled with copies that just don’t convert. Landing pages convert abysmally and email click-through rates are declining.

Brands are just not getting value for their advertising dollars. However, the following process enables us to achieve the consistent above-industry-average result:

Step 1: Understanding Your Audience

The best copy in the world is not going to convert much if it’s directed at the wrong audience. Copywriters and writing agency often claim they can sell ice to Eskimos, but why bother? Why sell a product to the wrong audience?

That is why our first job is to understand your target audience.  We try and understand what they are buying, what keeps them up at night, how they communicate, what motivates them, what is their fears and anxiety, what are their dreams, and how have they responded to previous marketing effort?

What is the demographic (age, sex), employment status, and social status? What kind of language would appeal to them?Have they tried similar products? How did it work out? What are their current objections and concerns? How can they be addressed?

We get as much information as we can about the target audience before deciding on how to position your product or offer as a solution. Without getting this particular aspect right, it is difficult for the copy to succeed. We like to be able to picture our ideal client in front of us and write a personal letter to them.

The Offer:

Getting the offer right is the next step. After understanding your audience, the next step is to position your products or services as the exact thing they require. It’s about finding the unique selling proposition that will draw them in to enable us to convince them that this is the solution they want and that it’s better than what is already in the market.

Making a good offer require knowledge of complaint about current products in the market and a thorough and in-depth knowledge of the product and services.

Our team takes the time to learn all there is to know about your product and have an expert strategy of getting to know a product, sometimes even better than the creators. This enables us to find deeper benefits of the product that will resonate with the customers, and are able to offer proof to customers that it will do just that.

The Sale Copy

The next stage is the actual copy. Our copywriters take everything they have learned about your audience and write a letter to them that will appeal to their heart and not their head. Every word is written with a purpose because our writers now understand the audience objections as well as their hopes and challenges. What is a great copy in one field may not even pass muster in another that is why our copies are unique and tailored to the audience.

There is a psychology behind the words, and it’s not just about projecting energy or using power words.

Editors and Proof Readers:

Our editors go through the work to ensure it meets the Daily Posts quality test. They correct any errors that may have been overlooked and verify the facts and figures. They also fine-tune sentences and correct punctuation and grammatical errors.

The Design:

The design is the next stage in the process. Our creatives take the copy and design a layout that makes the copy easy on the eyes. They ensure the mail looks professional, simple, and clear. They use the right picture to drive home the message and highlight points that need to be highlighted, using colours and different fonts. Great design enhances the copy and projects professionalism.

You Review:

The last step is for us to pass the copy to you for you to review. You have the option of accepting it the way it is or asking for revisions. Although we are rarely asked for revisions, we are pleased to revise the copy and incorporate your suggestions and you can demand revisions as long as it takes for you to be 100% satisfied with our work.

These processes are all interlinked for us at Daily Posts. The purpose of the offer is to entice the target audience. The purpose of the copy is to sell and prove that we can deliver on the offer. The purpose of the design is to strengthen the copy.

Our result in various industries and niches show that our approach is solid. We believe that you will notice a significant increase in your ROI when you use our services.

Call us today at daily posts or sign up for an account and let’s begin the process of crafting a direct mail copy that delivers on its promise.