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Attract huge visitor traffic to your website with daily blog posts

Blog posts articles is a form of online content aimed at attracting visitors to your website, by supplying them with fresh and interesting material added on a regular basis. Blogging allows you to communicate with your audience and can be the perfect material for sharing throughout your social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter.

At Daily Posts we provide hundreds of blog posts, every day, to websites across the globe. Every article is specifically attuned to its particular website in terms of tone, content and demographic, with a particular focus on keyword research and allocation – to better target the preferred readers.

Our writing service produces engaging blocks with an impact and substance, rather than bland keyword-stuffed content which many other contemporary brands are resorting to, for a search engine foothold. Our writers create these articles and blogs with the reader in mind, with the hopes that they will then go on to share the article, through social media.

At Daily Posts, we can even submit your blog posts to relevant sites, increasing visitor traffic to your new blog immediately – and perhaps turning a few prospective visitors into long term customers.

Quality blog content attracts an audience

With our blog service, your website will attract more attention for a variety of reasons (not just keyword recognition), helping you to become an increasingly influential authority in your given field.

When you come to us, you are working with a writing agency that delivers expertise in search engine optimisation. Basing your blog content on the prevailing algorithms of modern search engines, means that we can always increase your reach and scope with each and every blog entry.

Working to your specifications, Daily Posts will deliver blogs which contain a relevant structure and strategy – given to us by you, during your consultation session. This high quality blog content will guarantees an increase in traffic and page ranking, naturally, but also promises to be:

• Unique.
• Original.
• Streamlined.
• Engaging.
• Creative.
• Stimulating.

As a writing company that delivers consistently high quality solutions, we at Daily Posts know exactly how to improve your brand’s awareness.

Anticipate and become an authority

At Daily Posts we include relevant internal and external links, which add authority to your blog and also helps to increase search engine rankings. Our seasoned writers will also enhance your blog posts with visual stimulation, in order to keep readers rapt: images, graphics, videos, additional data and figures and more, where appropriate.

All of our blog writers understand the importance of delivering keyword heavy content in a natural, and interesting, fashion. We structure our posts to answer questions that the reader hasn’t even had a chance to ask yet; furthering your credibility as a customer-focused authority within your industry. This degree of research is the bedrock of our strategy, which delivers better traffic through Semantic Searching.

The simple truth is, if your visitors don’t feel engaged by your website’s content, they won’t stay. No matter how technical, how complex or how seemingly sterile the industry or topic may be, you can trust Daily Post’s professional writers to make your blog sound human and approachable.

Of course, it’s one thing listening to us tell you all about the great work we do as a professional writing company; quite another to see it for yourself. Feel free to check out samples of our blog work, so that you can see our consistently impressive results for yourself!

What are you waiting for? Sign up with Daily Posts today and turn your site’s lacklustre traffic into a flood of new readers. Get in touch with us on (UK) 02380 970 979 or (US) (646) 679-7971, to begin discussing all of the details of your writing project. We can’t wait to get started!

Use Daily Content to Attract Targeted Visitors. Get Shares in Social Media

We provide daily blog posts for hundreds of websites in the UK, in Australia, in Israel, in America and throughout the English speaking world. Every blog post is written for the website that we put it on, and is interesting to the audience.

We are experts in search engine optimization and get the content right based on the prevailing algorithms in the search engine world. Recently Google has gone through Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates. These updates have changed the focus in the search engine optimization world. The goal posts have been moved.

We produce blogs that are engaging, interesting and impactful. We produce blogs that are “white hat”; not stuffed with keywords. We write them for the reader, for social sharing and for search engines.

With our blog post service your website will be found for more search keywords, and you’ll become an increasingly influential authority in your field. Our posts are perfect for promotion through your social media platforms. Tweet them and share them to watch the visitors and kudos flow.

We tend to write 800+ word blog posts; although we are happy to work to your specifications. We can even submit your posts to the relevant site(s) for you. We charge per 100 words. Purchase the number of words you want and then tell us in your brief in the online order process how you want your content project broken down.

Example: If you want to order 20 * 1000 word posts then order 200 units (20,000 words).

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