Increase engagement on your blog with long form articles

Why did you create a business website? Was it because everyone else told you it’s the right thing to do? Is it to compete with top brands? Establish yourself as an industry authority? Win the hearts of visitors and customers with your helpful content? Or to increase dwell time, leads, organic traffic and conversion?


Increase Authority on your Blog with Engaging Website Content

Your blog is the most pivotal part of your website. Like a well-oiled machine, it can take you to places you’ve never been, convince pedestrians to get on board and entice them to try your offering. Still don’t believe us?

A small business that blogs gets 126% lead growth

Still sitting on the fence about getting started with a blog? How about we let the numbers speak for themselves:

  • 79% of B2B content marketers use article posting and 74% use social media. These are their most popular tactics.
  • 81% of US consumers get advice from a blog.
  • Blogging increases your chances of ranking higher on SERP by 434%.
  • 47% of buyers consume 3-5 pieces of content when considering a purchase.
  • 78% of consumers believe that brands that create custom content are interested in building lasting relationships.
  • Blogging is a more cost-effective and time-saving digital strategy than traditional lead generation techniques.
  • 94% of people share content because they believe it will be useful to others.
  • 68% of consumers look to a brand they love when searching for content.
  • Your blog post will enjoy 94% more viewership with images.
  • 60% of consumers are more at ease after reading unique content on a site.
  • Readers engage more with branded content that includes videos and pictures.

James Cummings on Financial Copywriting

James Cummings, CEO, takes a look at the importance of articles on websites.

If you need help producing regular articles for your website, or want to hand over content marketing to a content partner, then get in touch or register with Daily Posts to discuss through our virtual office.

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Targeted blog posts custom made for your ideal customer

Blog posts are a form of online content aimed at attracting visitors to your website by providing content that is informative, relevant, and useful. Blogging offers a unique medium to communicate and develop lasting bonds with your audience.  You also feed your social media profiles with share-worthy content that brings all your followers together.

At Daily Posts, we create hundreds of blog posts via copywriters who understand your niche. Every article is specifically tuned to its particular website in terms of tone, content and demographics. We pay particular attention to keyword research and to better target your preferred readers.

Our writing service produces engaging pieces with impact and substance, rather than bland keyword-stuffed content which many other contemporary brands resort to for a search engine foothold. Our writers create articles and blogs with the reader in mind, in the hopes they will then go on to share the article via social media. We submit your blog posts to relevant sites, increasing visitor traffic to your new blog immediately, turning a few prospective visitors into long-term customers.

Quality blog content attracts an audience

With our blog service, your website will attract more attention for a variety of reasons (not just keyword recognition), helping you to become an increasingly influential authority in your field.

When you come to us, you are working with a writing agency that delivers expertise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Basing your blog content on the prevailing algorithms of modern search engines means that we increase your reach and scope with every blog entry.

Working to your specifications, Daily Posts delivers blogs that contain a relevant structure and strategy given to us by you, during your consultation session. This high-quality blog content will guarantee an increase in traffic and page ranking, but also promises to be:

  • Unique
    • Original
    • Streamlined
    • Engaging
    • Creative
    • Stimulating

As a writing company that delivers consistently high-quality solutions, we know exactly how to improve your brand’s awareness.

Anticipate and become an authority

At Daily Posts, we include relevant internal and external links, which add authority to your blog and help increase search engine rankings. Our seasoned writers also enhance your blog posts with visual stimulation (images, graphics, videos, additional data/figures, and more) in order to keep readers entranced.

Our blog writers understand the importance of delivering keyword-heavy content in a natural and interesting fashion. We structure our posts to answer questions that the reader hasn’t had a chance to ask yet, furthering your credibility as a customer-focused authority within your industry. This degree of research is the bedrock of a strategy that boosts traffic through semantic searching.

The truth? Visitors won’t stay long if they don’t engage with your content. No matter how technical, complex or seemingly sterile the topic or given industry may be, you can trust Daily Posts’ professional writers to make your blog sound human and approachable.

Of course, it’s one thing for us to tell you all about the great work we do as a professional writing company, but quite another to see it for yourself. Feel free to check out samples of our blog work, so that you can see our impressive results for yourself!

What are you waiting for? Sign up with Daily Posts today and turn your site’s slow traffic into a flood of new readers.

Contact us on (UK) 02380 970 979 or (US) (646) 679-7971, to discuss the finer points of your writing project. We can’t wait to get started!

Get access to qualified leads and make your viral on social media

We provide daily blog posts for hundreds of websites in the UK, the US, Australia, Israel and throughout the English-speaking world. Every blog post is crafted specifically for a website and is of interest to that particular audience.

Recently, Google has rolled out Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates. These have changed the focus of the search engine optimisation world. Indeed, the goal posts have been moved.

Writing compelling blog posts that educate your readers

Has your blog lost its mojo because your readers have lost interest in your content? Why? You’ve stopped providing useful content, you don’t know how to communicate effectively, your headlines are dull and you’re losing your readers the moment they land on your blog.

This is the key difference between content you whip up and a blog post we’ve created for you. Our copywriters possess the ability to write copies that grasp the reader’s attention and hold them spellbound until they’ve finished reading your content.

We also have the skill of a renowned copywriter whose job is to promote your brand in the best light without making it look like a promotion. Our priority is to communicate the benefit to the reader in simple English, build trust and show them that you’re a reputable brand they can shop from in confidence.

Frequently asked questions about the on-site blog

This is perhaps the most-debated question where blog post content is concerned. Some experts argue that short content makes it easier for readers to find the answers they need and is easier to digest, while other say that long-form content is best for SEO and really delving deeper into a problem. Ideally, the length of your content should be determined by what your audience prefers.

Long-form content is detailed. You touch on every area including the problem, various methods of applying the solution and delivering more quality and value. The most successful blogs have an average length of 2,500 words per blog post. Comprehensive studies have shown that the average blog word count is 1,142. Another study by HubSpot found that their best content on search engines ranged between 2,250-2,500 words.

Blog weekly. Posting regularly is important but you should evaluate your current market, your personal schedule and your budget to determine how often you should post. Webmasters who post high-quality content will have readers looking forward to their content every week.

Posting once a week will get you a group of regular readers who’ll form the core of your brand. For SEO, four times a week will suffice. You should also consider the frequency with which your competitors are posting content. If the goal is to be better than your competition, you might consider posting more top-quality content than they do.

Is there a perfect time or day of the week when your blog post has the best chance for success? Studies have shown that there is an ideal time, depending on the goal of the blog post. For instance, if you want more comments, the best time to publish is on Saturday at 9am, inbound links at 7am on Thursday and traffic at 11am on Monday. The downside to publishing at peak times is that you’ll be competing with other blogs and witness higher bounce rates than normal.

The features of a good blog post include a powerful title, engaging intro, scannable content, attractive images and videos, inbound and quality external links and a solid conclusion that ties it all together.

Firstly, it’s illegal to copy someone’s work. Once it’s published online, it automatically becomes protected by copyright. You could get a bad reputation when people notice that you’re using someone else’s content. You lose your customer base and might even be sued for plagiarism. Instead, a copywriter can repurpose the content, create a new piece inspired by the original article or tell your story from a different angle that offers a fresh perspective. Content going on your website should always be 100% original.

This is a phrase that describes your post. In a way, it is similar to keywords because they could be the same as your keywords. Tags allow you to tell readers more precisely what your content is about. They instantly create new pages for your blog that are searchable, indexable and rankable. By using the same tags repeatedly, you’re sending more traffic to the tagged pages and increasing their relevance to search engines.

We produce blogs that are engaging, interesting, impactful and ‘white hat’ – not stuffed with keywords. We write them for the reader, for social sharing and for search engines.

With our blog post service, your website will be found more often through the use of search keywords and you’ll become an increasingly influential authority in your field. Our posts are perfect for promotion via your social media platforms. Tweet and share them to watch the visitors and kudos flow.

We tend to write 800+ word blog posts, although we are, of course, happy to work to your specifications. We can even submit your posts to the relevant site(s) for you. We charge per 100 words. Purchase the number of words you want and then tell us in your brief (during the online order process) how you want your content project broken down.

Blogging shouldn’t be a hobby you do when you have some free time. The primary ingredient for a successful blog is to publish high-quality posts that are insightful, engaging, riveting and interesting. Excellent copywriting will make more money for your website and help you reach your conversion goals more quickly. No matter what type of business you run, let Daily Posts create great copies that move people to act.