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How to Make a Blog Article Interesting – Finding the Right Angle

How to Make a Boring Article Interesting

Sometimes article writers are asked to write on topics that are seemingly boring, like locksmith services or leaf collecting. These subjects may seem impossible to write about in an interesting fashion, but this is all part of what being a professional writer is all about.

In industry article writing, you might come across a topic that you have to get creative with to make it more interesting. For instance, if you’re writing for the construction industry, then the topic of bricklaying might arise; a tough one to hold a reader’s attention with. However, there are certain angles you can approach from to turn a boring topic into something more engaging.

You might write about the history of bricklaying. While this may sound equally as boring, it’s an informative topic that industry readers may find interesting. It’s also a very narrow subject that you should be able to find ample information on during your research phase.

One way that professional article writers find interesting angles is by answering the typical “who” “what” “when” “where” “how” and “why” questions. The answer to each question may provide you with a specific article topic that will change boring content into something more insightful.

 Change Your Tone

Sometimes approaching a boring article in a different tone can turn the whole piece into something different. While industry article writing is usually known for its informative tone, you may want to switch to a humorous or more informal voice that speaks to the reader directly. Or you may choose to use a shock-news approach, with catch phrases to keep a reader entertained as they read. By switching to a more entertaining voice you can turn a boring concept into a light-hearted conversation, sure to keep the reader focused until the very end.

 Add Media Content

If you end up with a long, monotonous article you may want to consider breaking up the bulky text with additional content.

Things like infographics (graphs, charts, or diagrams), relevant block quotes, or even videos or audio files (if your article is on a website) may help turn a bulky, mundane piece of writing into an informative, attention-grabbing article. The bonus of this extra content is that it doubles as another source of information, which will increase the reader’s knowledge of the subject.

A simple breakdown of industry related facts and figures can help you create a more interesting article. These hard facts will specifically explain a concept or trend, while helping you expand on your topic in a more interesting way.

 Profile Specific People or Events

Whilst researching, you may come across an interesting event related to the subject. For example, going back to the bricklaying topic, you may find information about a museum exhibit focusing on brick structures. You can choose to focus your article on this exhibit and tie it back to the overall topic of bricklaying.

Similarly, you may find resources about the first brick structure on record or the first person to use bricks in construction. You can use those resources and create a profile of that historical figure. Both ideas will provide you with interesting information to create a detailed article, whilst allowing you to stay on topic.