Hats Off Copywriting

Hats Off are a Copywriting company based out of Perth, Australia. They prominently offer a range of copywriting and advertising services.

Every organisation has a means of conveying their message and what they are all about, and with most copywriting companies, their statement is branded on their names. As for Hats Off copywriting, you must have guessed it, their catch phrase implies that they wear the “word hat” for you. Pretty rare angle, that. But what would writers be if they can’t have their way with words.

The promise of Hats Off copywriting is basically to take some works off your hands and let you focus on the core aspects of your business. The works include managing your social media accounts, and creating and updating the content of your website.

And we quite agree with them.

Managing your social media accounts and the content of your website all by yourself while answering to the day-to-day needs of your business can affect your business badly. And besides, you still need a professional that is skilled in the art of copywriting to help convert your site visitors into clients and boost your business’s strength, even if you’re very good with words yourself.

But, will Hats Off represent good value for your money? You’re about to find out.

What services do Hats Off Copywriting offer?

Hats Off provide services in all things related to online presence. Their models are geared to yield you more website traffic, produce engaging site and blog content to keep visitors glued and to convert those visitors to customers. The specific services they offer include:

  • Social media management
  • Copywriting advertising
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Web content
  • Blog
  • Email marketting

They also add other services such as print advertising, like events flyers and brochures; graphics designs; and website design by partnering with a number of known designers. They create the words for the material, the designers create the aesthetics of the print. They also offer to connect you with “some of the best” players in the field.


Hats Off pride themselves as people and planet lovers. They engage in lots of environment friendly activities in a bid to help make the world safer.

About people. They have a strong claim about their belief that building a strong relationship with clients is the best way to ingrain and infuse their values (the client’s) into the content of their website. Their care and concern for the environment also has a lot to do with their love for people, since it’s people that inhabit said environment.

About planet. Hats Off are proud to be investors in environment saving projects like renewable energy, community projects and education. They preach against fossil fuel and Human Rights abuse. Other causes they’re passionate about include, support for child education worldwide and use of recycled products for most of their company materials like business cards.

So, if you’re a fellow environment lover, you might find joy in doing business with them.

How does the copywriting service help my business?

Your business website is created for a purpose, and it is surely not as an online version of a warehouse or secretariat. It is like your digital business card, only with more poise and purpose.

Your website is made to attract more customers to your brand. How copywriting helps? It gives your website visitors the true and enhanced image of your brand.

Copywriting is the art, the science of tactical writing geared towards initiating a reader to take action. Copywriters utilise a number of tools which often go beyond words. The entire structure and organisation of your website also bears responsibility for conversion rates.

This is what copywriters like Hats Off are basically skilled in doing: Using the right combination of words, colour and structure, to ignite a reader’s desire to pick up the phone and make the call.

How do Hats Off help attract visitors to my website in the first place

Visitors are funneled to a website through various channels and this involves the broader spectrum of online marketing. But a more dedicated method that is singularly crafted for this purpose is called Search Engine Optimisation.

Although you can get a chunk of visitors through social media, but the largest pool to draw from is a search engine. There are more than 40,000 searches taking place in search engines all over the per second. That is why copywriters like Hats Off employ the craft of SEO to drag traffic to websites.

SEO mainly consists a whole range of strategies like inserting keywords in a strategic manner, organising the contents and structure of a site and linking to and from external sources to boost your rankings up the search engine food chain. This helps to make you among the first visible websites on search results that concern your business’s field.

What do Hats Off customers say about their service?

Generally, the reviews on the Hats Off website are favourable and they all check out.

How much does Hats Off charge for their services

Their range of services differ and so do prices of each service.

If you’re starting a website and its content from the scratch, and you require Hats Off to do their thing with words and make your site compelling so that even you will fall in love with, then they are properly suited to give you the wonder you’re seeking. The price for this service starts from 660 AUD

If you feel the content on your existing website looks too old and out of date and you want to revive and restore it back to life, Hats Off promises to give you a bang for your buck. This service starts from 450 AUD

If you want additional and regular content for your website blog, to enhance your search engine status and bolster your social media presence, then you can get this service from 100 AUD.

You can also contact Hats Off to get the pricing of more specific deals and copywriting services type.

Website: www.hatsoffcopywriting.com.au/