Cram Communication

What is Cram Communication?

Cram Communication is owned and run by Emma Cram who is an expert creative marketer and copywriter. Emma Cram has managed to combine her expertise in writing and creative marketing to create a copywriting service agency that is recognised as a stand out performer when it comes to delivering top quality content on time.

Cram Communication has worked with both small and large businesses from various industries in the UK and has made a name for itself for being able to deliver creative and original content that’s capable of boosting a business’ website traffic as well as conversions. The agency specialises in subject matters related to property, charity, and boutique marketing and is more than capable of delivering bespoke digital content services that best suit the needs of individual clients.

How dependable is the quality of copy from Cram Communication?

Cram Communication is known for delivering a full marketing service that can either help small businesses grow or help larger organisations expand their reach. The agency’s copywriting skills make it possible to accomplish effective communication through engaging copy that can used on a variety of platforms or channels.

Being a professional digital content agency, Cram Communication can provide regular content for websites, or marketing materials for campaign, or copy for social media or for off/online adverts. The agency has an impressive record of delivering copy that is ideal for satisfying the business needs of a client. If what you require is online copy that is optimised for search engines, Cram Communication’s services are a good option to explore.

How fast does Cram Communication work?

Cram communication has worked with numerous businesses in the past on a variety of projects. This pertinent experience has given the agency an appreciation of the importance of deadlines. This is why the agency goes the extra mile to ensure all projects are completed before the expiration of an agreed upon deadline.

How fast Cram Communications can deliver copywriting services to your business is dependent on the timeframe that’s agreed on by both you and the agency. Regardless the depth or quality of the sort of copy your business requires, once Cram Communication agrees to a deadline, it will do its best to ensure you get what you asked for before the promised date.

How many times can a project be revised by a client

Cram Communication strives to ensure all clients get exactly the quality and form of copy they require. To ensure each finished copy is perfect and capable of fulfilling the business needs of a client, Cram Communication provides clients the opportunity to revise a project as many times as necessary until they are satisfied with every aspect of the copy. The agency is also willing to implement any changes to a copy that is suggested by a client as long as the client believes it will improve the copy’s potency.

How long does it take Cram Communication to respond after being contacted?

Cram Communication has multiple channels through which it can be contacted, including email and telephone. You can contact the agency at any time for a chat concerning the copywriting services you require. If your call is missed or you have sent an email, be rest assured that Cram communication will get in touch with you as soon as possible to answer all your queries.

How qualified are Cram Communication’s copywriters?

Cram Communication’s lead copywriter is Emma Cram. She has more than ten years’ experience in the creative marketing and copywriting field. She has provided content writing services to a variety of companies include upcoming ones and international organisations. The combination of her diverse experience, qualifications, and her unique customer first approach make her a copywriter that’s more than capable of delivering the best possible results on your writing projects.

Regardless if you are a small business looking to build your brand and grow your customer base, or a large company with a three month project that requires freelance marketing support, Cram Communication can deliver flexible and effective solutions that will boost your business’ profile.

What kind of copy can Cram Communication deliver?

Some of the types of copy commonly requested from Cram Communication include;

Website Content: Cram Communication can update your entire website with fresh and unique copy that’s designed to boost your website’s SEO, traffic, and value.

Blogs: Regular blog post services are also available to keep your website fresh and active.

Articles: The agency can also deliver original articles through premium writing services that will optimise the SEO of your pages.

Other types of writing services available from Cram Communication include; branding and strapline development, marketing material copy, media release creation, on/offline advert content, social media content creation and management, copyediting, on/offline newsletter production, and corporate publication writing.

How much does copywriting from Cram Communication cost?

Cram Communication’s copywriting services might be highly specialised but the agency still endeavours to ensure all clients can get the service they need at a price that best suits their budget. Once you contact Cram communication and inform them of the size and complexity of your brief, the agency will within a short time be able to provide you an estimate for a project. Services are competitively priced and can be personalised to suit your specific circumstances

What sort of businesses does Cram Communication create copy for?

Cram Communication can deliver unique SEO optimised content to various types of businesses with unique needs. The agency doesn’t discriminate, so regardless the size or popularity of your business, or the complexity of your brief, be rest assured that your brief will be treated with the utmost effectiveness and professionalism.