Copy & Co

Who is Copy & Co?

Copy & Co is a professional copywriting agency that is celebrated globally for its impressive copywriting services. The agency has worked with big international brands ranging from Google to IBM, Absolut, Hyundai, Getty Images, and others.

Thanks to the agency’s creativity and innovation, it has helped many of its clients win prestigious awards for marketing. Copy & Co’s team consists of several expert copywriters and online marketers who have the competence to work with a variety of businesses from different industries. Depending on what you intend on accomplishing through copy, Copy & Co can help you accomplish it in an effective and cost efficient manner. The agency constantly updates its services with the latest copywriting trends and is recognised as a trailblazer in many copywriting circles.

How qualified are Copy & Co copywriters?

The competence of Copy & Co’s copywriters is evident in their award winning services which have served brands such as WestPac, Absolut, Google, Virgin, Getty Images, PayPal, Hyatt Regency, City of Sydney, Archie Rose Distillery, and others.

The team at Copy & Co have the technical expertise and specialised knowledge to work with businesses from a variety of industries ranging from health to beauty, technology, and real estate. By performing in-depth research into the subject matter of a client’s brief, the agency’s copywriters can deliver content that is at once informative and compelling. Your copy ordered from Copy & Co is guaranteed to be well received not just by readers but also by search engines.

How does Copy & Co deliver its services?

Through the years, Copy & Co has managed to distinguish itself from the competition thanks to its commitment to delivering memorable, unique, and superior quality copy. The agency is recognised as a reliable, flexible, and highly creative agency which has been able to accomplish a lot for its clients.

The agency goes about delivering its services by first getting a clear understanding of what its client seeks to accomplish through a copy. By understanding the goal of your business, Copy & Co will be better able to craft copy that is capable of helping you fulfil your ambitions. But Copy & Co’s copywriters don’t work with only data concerning what you want. They also work with data concerning what your customers want. By identifying the interests of your customers, copy can be made that appeals to the desires of your target market and will thus attract the right audience.

How dependable is the quality of copy from Copy & Co?

Copy & Co utilises nothing short of utmost creativity, passion, and technical expertise to develop digital content for a client. By using every resource at its disposal, Copy & Co is able to create truly remarkable copy that’s capable of boosting both the attractiveness and engagement of a business’ website.

Copy & Co uses simple language and concise sentences to create copy that can communicate effectively. By taking advantage of the services of this agency, you are bound to receive quality copy that will distinguish your brand and website from that of the competition.

How fast does Copy & Co work?

Copy & Co has repeatedly proven capable of developing copy, proofreading and formatting, and having the copy ready for use before the expiration of a deadline. The agency is able to function so effectively because of the dedicated and highly qualified copywriters that it has on staff. This alongside with the agency’s proficiency at project management make Copy & Co an ideal partner to work with when you need superior quality content on time for either a simple project or a large and complex one.

How many times can a project be revised by a client

Copy & Co ensures that clients stay fully informed through every stage of developing their requested copy. This gives a client the opportunity to monitor a project as it develops and add any changes to it during the production process. Copy & Co also allows clients revise finished copy and request for edits in the event they are dissatisfied with any aspect of the content. By providing copywriting services in this manner, Copy & Co can guarantee that clients will be wholly satisfied with the copy they receive upon the conclusion of their project.

How long does it take Copy & Co to respond after being contacted?

Copy & Co are always available to respond to the needs of a client at any point during the copy production process. The agency can also be contacted by anyone who would like to make an enquiry concerning their services. The agency can be reached through various channels including telephone and email. In the unlikely event the agency is unable to immediately respond, be rest assured that a representative from the firm will contact you as soon as possible.

What type of content does Copy & Co specialise in?

Copy & Co’s copywriting skills cover a huge range. The agency can provide content for both offline and online purposes. Their offline services include providing copy for branding, scripting writing and more. The agency’s online services cover Blog copywriting, social media marketing, SEO copywriting, Email copywriting, articles, and much more.

How much does copywriting from Copy & Co cost?

Copy & Co provides bespoke prices to clients and the amount is dependent on the complexity or size of the brief. For a quote on the brief you have in mind, contact Copy & Co here.

What sort of businesses does Copy & Co create copy for?

Copy & Co’s clients range from large international brands to smaller, local organisations. Regardless the size of your firm, Copy & Co will be happy to work with you.