Constant Content

Touted as one of UK’s leading copywriting agency, Constant Content have been creating and providing well written content for different web pages in the last 10 years. They have grown from a small start-up to one of the Internet’s largest and most established marketplaces for original, SEO friendly content.

What Copywriting Services does Constant Content Offer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a major reason for websites and business to contract professional copywriters or copywriting agencies to create content for their products and services. This is because when you optimise your page using key digital marketing strategies, customers are likely to visit your website more often and further patronise what you’re offering

Constant Content has evolved with trends in the market and the needs of business owners while still providing them with authentic and authoritative pre-written articles. They can provide content that cuts across different sectors and niche – depending on what you need. From arts & culture, business, health & lifestyles, merchandise, recreation and relationships to science, society, sports and technology, they also offer custom content services according to specific demands to ensure that you are satisfied and your consumers get the answers to any queries they seek. If you wish to optimise you website so that it can rank better in search results, then you should consider their SEO copywriting services.

Whether you need SEO copywriting services for your product launches, marketing campaigns, blog posts, articles, press releases and so on, Constant Content will provide it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Unique are Constant Content’s Articles?

Constant Content sets itself apart from other website content providers by evaluating the originality and uniqueness of all online content and articles posted for sale on their website. All their articles are automatically submitted to various plagiarism detection tools to ensure that nothing is copied and your SEO is improved naturally.

What standards does Constant Content put in place to Ensure Quality SEO Copywriting?

Since they understand the importance of original content and have a “zero tolerance” policy for plagiarism, they ensure that all unique articles are thoroughly reviewed by their editorial staff for completeness, spelling, grammar, word choice, readability and syntax. If there are any issues, the article will be sent back to the writer to perfect it before submission. When it has passed a set of editorial reviews, then it will be posted to their website content marketplace or submitted to the requester.

How does Constant Content get the right SEO writers?

Constant Content welcomes new SEO content writers all the time, but they maintain quality service – and replace writers who do not consistently submit high quality work. They ensure that all their writers are completely fluent in English to ensure the quality of the website articles listed on their site or projects submitted to clients.

How can I learn more about Constant Content’s SEO content writers?

The best way to find out more about Constant Content’s SEO writers is to visit individual Constant Content profile pages by clicking on the writer’s name.  Look through the article writer’s portfolio of available articles for sale to see the kind of work each writer offers. Feel free to use the Constant Content email system to correspond with their ontent writers.

Constant Content’s Writers

Constant Content has a range of expert copywriters, who make sure that the content you seek to help boost sales or to rank higher in search engine results are properly created and tailored to your satisfaction. Some of their writers are:

Bert Markgraf – a freelance writer with a strong business, science and engineering background. He started writing technical papers while workings as an engineer in the 1980s. He also has 74 Articles Sold.

Jayne Thompson – a lawyer turned freelance writer who writes about business, real estate, law, careers and personal finance – with a little fun stuff thrown in. She has sold over a hundred articles, with some appearing widely in print and across the web.

Dr. Kristie – A medical doctor with a concentration in family practice. She also has an undergraduate degree in both Biology and Psychology and a master’s in Clinical Pathology – and has 1,582 Articles Sold.

J. A. Young – a free-lance writer with a Master’s Degree in English. She covers topics that include IT, online marketing, business, travel, gardening, etc. She is one of Constant Content’s top-selling writers with over 6,400 articles sold.

Kristen – whose goal in writing is to educate in a meaningful, well-organized casual voice. She particularly enjoys writing about energy and conservation, health and fitness, and alternative lifestyles – and has 1905 articles sold.


When it comes to pricing, Constant Content doesn’t set any specific standard. Writers are allowed to view the price chart made available and then set their own prices. Therefore, a particular writer may charge you $30 for a 700 worder while another can charge you $85 for the same article.

But you need to keep in mind that SEO copywriting isn’t just any type of writing. It involves some level of experience and expertise, that’s why the higher prices usually come from those influential SEO writers under Constant Content – because they know what their services are worth.

When it comes to boosting SEO copywriting services, you also need to determine if you want Usage rights or full rights. Since usage rights involves you buying already used content, it wont improve the rankings of your website on search engine rankings because anybody might have posted it. But full rights are unique content which are specifically created for you alone and you reserve all rights to it. This helps optimise you page.