Coast Copywriting

About Coast Copywriting

Coast Copywriting has been providing quality content to clients all across the UK for over 15 years now. During that time, the firm has excelled at helping clients and their businesses effectively communicate with their target audience through original and compelling copy.

Coast Copywriting has a proven track record of delivering quality copy as promised to a variety of clients ranging from small businesses to several leading organisations in the UK. With Coast Copywriting’s services, you will have access to copy that’s capable of informing your potential customers about how great your product or services are.

How many people work at Coast Copywriting?

Coast Copywriting’s award winning services are delivered by one man, Martin Phillip.

How does Coast Copywriting deliver its service?

Coast Copywriting uses a combination of research and interviewing to elicit the information that is required to create copy for your business’ purposes. The firm is also popular for its ability to use persuasive storytelling to win over and convert a website’s visitors.

Coast copywriting can also help you discover the key benefits of your business. This information gives the agency a better grasp on how to go about creating compelling messages and articles that will attract your target market.

If you don’t know where to begin concerning launching a print campaign or optimising the content of your website, services from Coast Copywriting can help you accomplish such in a hassle free manner. But if you already know exactly what you want and would just like a professional to help you put the words together in the most engaging and compelling form possible, Coast Copywriting has still got you covered. Simply submit your brief to the agency and its team of writers will promptly get to work bringing your vision to life.

What sort of services does Coast Copywriting provide?

Coast Copywriting has worked with a variety of industries and is the digital copywriter of choice for many of the UK’s leading brands that require copywriting for an online strategy.

Some of the writing services the firm excels at include; advertising copywriter, internal communications, B2B copywriter, content strategy, bid writer, content writer, technical writing, and member publications. And you can access any of these services at competitive prices regardless how complex or large the project you have in mind is.

What’s the cost of Coast Copywriting’s services?

Compared to many other professional copywriting firms, what Coast Copywriting charges for its services is quite friendly. When providing clients with a quote for a task, the firm is usually very transparent and straightforward with the answer, which means you don’t have to worry hidden charges because you will be provided with a free written quote which will clearly list out all fees.

The written quote will state exactly the amount and type of work to be done as well as an exact price for the stated project. This upfront and clear approach to pricing by the firm is something a lot of the firm’s major clients appreciate

Depending on your needs, you can opt for any of Coast Copywriting’s flexible day rates. The firm also offers discounts to customers depending on the bulk of their project or frequency which they need fresh copy. The day rates are negotiable and are also dependent on the length and complexity of a project. For example, if you book the agency’s services for two weeks, rates will be significantly lower than if you were to book content writing services for a couple of days every month. But no matter the sort of service or package you opt for, you can be rest assured that quotes are always affordable and highly competitive

The affordable rates offered by Coast Copywriting are possible because the firm isn’t a large one and doesn’t have to worry about huge overheads.

How many clients has Coast Copywriting successfully worked with?

Even though Coast Copywriting is a small firm, it has repeatedly worked with some of the biggest names and brands in the UK. The agency comes highly recommended by industry leaders such as DHL Express, Tesco Bank, Heinz, Debenhams, The Perfume Shop, Vivabox, Homebase, ADSA, Hamilton Mercer, The Pipelines Industries Guild, Visit Cornwall, Visit England, Indigo Dog, and many others.

Reviews concerning Coast Copywriting Services

Reviews concerning this agency’s services are generally positive. Below are a few of the things clients have to say,

  • I cannot recommend Martin enough… delivers on time and most importantly he produces brilliant, fit for purpose, copy.” Vincent Elsey – Indigodog Publishing
  • I have worked with Martin for years and he constantly delivers… An intelligent, articulate writer.” Julie Kirby – Publicis Blueprint
  • Martin is a real asset to Hamilton Mercer, he has a great understanding of what we want to achieve as an organisation.” Oliver Roberts – Hamilton Mercer
  • “…a natural flair for language… and is always able to turn a brief around to a tight deadline.” Lucy Battersby – River Publishing