Briar Copywriting

Briar copyrighting offers copyrighting services to clients in the UK. Briar copyrighting has been working with a broad section of industries since 2007. Briar Copywriting are known for taking time to learn about the company they are working with, they endeavor to understand the company’s products and service so that they can better interpret its personality and brand image. Briar Copywriting prides themselves on producing eye catching, compelling and creative copy that will reflect a business’ tone and approach. Although based in the UK, Briar can offer great copywriting to customers anywhere in the world. They meet an important business function of quality content writing, writing effective SEO and articles for organization which will allows them to focus on other productive endeavors.

Copywriting Services

Briar copywriting offers a wide range of services to their numerous clients. They are experts in email copywriting, Newsletter copywriting, Content writing, content development, internal communications, Web copywriting, SEO and much more. Using Briar Copywriting gives company owners the advantage of saving time, saving money and escaping a lot of inconveniences. Briar Copywriting will take your brief and produce a very compelling, powerful and effective copy that will appeal directly to your customers. Their services are guaranteed to generate more traffic for your website, increase sales leads and generate more sales.

Their writing services also cover blogs, reports, press releases, case studies and advertising.

Why use Briar Copywriting

Niche website owners, small businesses, established companies, or even large conglomerates face some common marketing problems. These problems are as a result of having content that do not convert into sales. Some of the common problems are:

  • Not getting enough website traffic.
  • Traffic not converting into enough sales.
  • Your emails and newsletters are not being opened or read.

A lot of copy, (online or print) is not compelling enough to cause people to want to read more, or make them want to buy.

Briar copywriting comes in at this point and working together with their skills and experience, will help you create compelling and attractive copy and writings for your articles, website content, brochures, newsletters, emails and more. They will provide high quality content, regardless of the type of content or subject or industry. The service is sure to turn around your business fortunes because your visitors and readers will experience a different, more interesting aspect of your business.

Questions and answers

  • Do I really need a copywriter?

If you feel that your business is not meeting its sales target or your website is not retaining visitors, then your content and copy is not up to mark. This means you need the services of a professional copywriting service to write great catchy content that will be appealing to your visitors and customers.

  • How do they know what to write about my company?

The first step in any copy writing process is sending your brief. Your brief will give them an idea of what you want. They will then take time to study your business, your products and services and your customers. This way, they will know how to better prepare your copy to have the maximum effect.

  • What quality controls are in place?

No single work goes out to the client without going through proof reading by a team of editors

  • Is it expensive though?

If you compare the cost of losing lots of traffic from your website or having your hard earned business investment not converting into enough sales, then you will agree that no price is too expensive to pay for guaranteed leads. That being said, Briar Copywriting services are not expensive. Be rest assured that the benefits definitely outweighs whatever price you will pay.

  • I am not in the UK, how do we work?

Thanks to the Internet, a lot of work can be done without being at the actual office. Briar Copywriting offer services to clients all over UK and in any part of the world.

 Prices and writers

Sally Ormond, the owner of Briar Copywriting has a wealth of experience, having worked for large corporations and small businesses as a freelance writer. The writers who work for Briar Copywriting are all excellent and dedicated writers with a wide range of experience writing for organizations in different industries.  Their services are affordable both in terms of cost and in terms of benefits. Send a quick mail to their company email with a summary of your work and you will get a quote that will suit your pocket.


  • Working to very tight deadlines, and with only a brief crash course in a complex product, Sally truly excelled. She instantly understood our preferred tone of voice, and managed to turn a complicated message into something that was not only easy to understand but grabbed attention when we needed it. Throughout the project Sally was a pleasure to work with, and delivered excellent copy on time and on budget.

Fiona Monks, eCommerce Manager, BT Tradespace, London.

  • We recently engaged Sally Ormond to write the online copy for our portfolio of digital products including website design and search marketing.

Despite a tricky start to the project (our Editorial Manager went on holiday just as the project began and our brief could have been clearer), Sally proved herself to be willing to do what was needed to get to a great end result. Sally has a super attitude, gets into the skin of what she’s writing about and has the rare capability to write convincingly in different tones. Her final copy delighted us all.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sally to write copy which will blow your customers’ socks off!

Liam Brook-Taylor, Head of Online, BT Directories, London.

  • Sally provided an excellent serialization of our white paper on Solvency II, a new piece of regulation for the insurance industry. The posts she supplied were clear and concise, offering an easy to read synopsis of the white paper’s complex information. I would fully recommend her services.

Hugo Rawlinson, Thomson Reuters, London.