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Big Star Copywriting is a writing agency that started in 2005, helping hundreds of businesses to create high-quality, brand sensitive content that effectively builds traffic, improves conversion and boosts search rankings. With a combination of resourceful, data-driven copywriting with SEO and social media, Big Star Copywriting’s expert team consistently delivers solid and sustainable results, fast. In the last 10 years, the company has developed a reliable writing process that delivers the best results in terms of value and quality, no matter the size or urgency.

Big Star Copywriting Services

  • Travel Copywriting

Some of the leading hotel, tourism and leisure sites which Big Star Copywriting has worked with include Thomas Cook, Hilton Hotels, Hotels4U, Princess Cruises, Sykes Cottages, and so on. As travel copywriters, Big Star Copywriting ensures the customer’s content is in complete alignment with customers’ business objectives and tone of voice, makes an interesting read and is optimised for search engines. Travel copywriting customers are guaranteed copy with a consistent structure, following brand guidelines and providing a perfect balance of quality and affordability.

  • Blog Copywriting

Big Star Copywriting provides a high scale blog writing service aimed at raising brand profile, building trust and generating more sales. With over ten years in the field of content marketing experience coupled with sector expertise and data research, they are able to deliver consistent and believable blog content that improves SEO, drives organic traffic and rouses customers’ interest to buy. Big Star Copywriting works to extremely tight deadlines, even a two to three day turnaround is possible, with same day amends where required.

  • Product Descriptions

Well-written product descriptions are powerful tools which businesses can use to sell and build brands. Big Star Copywriting provides engaging and effective product description writing services in large quantities for businesses. With authentic product description writing, rooted in the experience of the product, Big Star Copywriting is able to consistently build trust and credibility for its customers.

  • Email Copywriting

Professional email copywriting by Big Star Copywriting has played a significant role in campaigns for top brands such as 10 Bet, Ecco Shoes and Ladbrokes. With this service, you can cut through inbox clutter to engage your customers in a way that will eventually drive sales. Like any expert digital copywriter would say, email copywriting drives traffic and conversions. Big Star Copywriting is able to tailor their writing to create valuable newsletter content that enhances loyalty and builds market share.

  • Web Copywriting

Big Star Copywriting writes web copy for a wide range of clients from international brands to up-and-coming SMEs, many of UK’s top search agencies and leading charities worldwide. Many of their customers trust them to provide fast, consistent and reliable copy written across a range of sectors, and with expertise. No matter the volume of web copywriting needed, when you need fast delivery, accuracy and consistency, this team of UK digital copywriters always delivers. They stand apart from others because they have real understanding of the significant relationship between your brand and your customers. Big Star Copywriting process includes crafting a brand story, building a workable strategy to share the story online through the customer’s website, blog and social media channels.

Who needs Email Copywriting Services?

Any company or business looking to build consumer loyalty and remain relevant in their industry needs the services of a professional email copywriting company. While using email as a tool can help a company gain new customers, it is more valuable as a means to nurture existing customer relationships. Many businesses lose out on important sources of income when they fail to care for their most likely customers – people who have used their products before. People who have made a successful purchase from your company before are more likely to spend more than new customers. A well-written email campaign or a regular email newsletter targeted at existing customers therefore, is one of the most effective ways to achieve more sales.

How Mirrored Product Descriptions Affect Your Rankings

Some product descriptions are simply repetitions of a manufacturer’s descriptions, and because more than one company will usually do this, the result is a confusing jumble of search listings that potential customers will not read and Google will not rank. Customers no longer gullibly read all the rehashed, robotic content available online. There is a clear difference between cut and paste content, and content that is written with a target audience in mind. An expertly written product description will be engaging and interesting to humans and search engines alike, and help to set your company apart.

Why You Should Outsource Your Blogs

By choosing a professional copywriting company to write your blogs, you can enjoy the benefits of expertly written perfectly on-brand copywriting. Companies that rely on blog copy writing services offered by Big Star Copywriting or other top copywriting companies are guaranteed consistently fresh, relevant and readable content for their blog. In addition to consistent quality, copywriting services will help you establish a good posting schedule and stick with it.

What Is Website Copywriting?

Professional website copywriters can ensure that very page of your website works hard for your brand. Every word is used to serve a purpose, and any page can be a landing page. So that wherever a visitor reaches your site from, there is the opportunity for him or her to convert into a customer. Website copywriting also includes providing relevant, accurate and engaging articles, guest blogs, guides, eBooks, press releases, infographics and other off-page content to support your site.

Big Star Copywriting Prices and Writers

To find out the prices for any kind of copywriting service, or get a quote for your project, contact Big Star Copywriting here.

The Big Star Copywriting team is made up of expert copywriters, editors and analysts who have many years of working together to provide top notch copy that meets deadlines.