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The benefits of fresh content are manifold. One of the biggest is that regular content going up on your site will signal the search engines to see the site as ‘alive’. The search engines will give you a positive mark on this measure of the importance of the website. They will understand that the business is growing, flourishing and ‘real’. They will rank your pages more favourably as a result.

If you run a news site, and you don’t have content going up regularly, you will soon slip down the search engines. Google will not rank you based on aged content.

In addition to these inherent benefits of the “fresh content” you will be able to target new keywords and get more targeted visitors direct from the articles or pages.


Are you struggling to produce regular, fresh content? Well, it might be time you give Daily Posts a try. We understand that each website has a specific target audience and will require content capable of appealing to them, which is why we match your desired needs to writers who best suit the job.

Our content is fresh and well written by expert writers, and proofread and formatted by expert editors who pay tremendous attention to detail to ensure that your delivered content provides the right tone for your website.

Contact us on (UK) 02380 970 979 or (US) (646) 679-7971 and we will give you a free quote on our services, or can organise a free content trial.

More Than Just Words

Your website could have a design that’s guaranteed to Wow! Customers, but if it isn’t capable of producing content that is worth their time, then you’re not really getting anywhere. Let us take your website to the next level by producing compelling regular content. It is our job to ensure that whatever content we produce; be it Informative, Entertaining, Argumentative or Educative, is guaranteed to build the credibility and exposure of your business.

Content For Higher Search Engine Rankings?

As a quality writing company we are familiar with the fact that Google constantly updates it search Algorithms so it doesn’t give the top spot away to just anyone. We, therefore, employ writers who bring a wealth of knowledge and a high level of competency. We then train them to structure their content and focus on keywords themes. We improve your on page SEO and bring in more organic traffic to your website.

Daily Posts can deliver

  •        Headline Titles that Stand Out
  •        Relevant Keywords to Improve SEO
  •        Well Researched Content
  •        Engaging and Motivating Website Miro Copy
  •        Error free-content

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Let Your Visitors do the Reading while the Quality does the Talking

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Your Quality-Focused Writing Partner- Daily Posts


At Daily Posts, we strive to provide website content that builds brands, funnels and converts visitors and delivers results.

Our writers have a firm grasp and understanding of how search metrics work. Quality is key; and Quality that engages an emotional response from the reader is special.

At Daily Posts, we take pride in having some of the best writing talent in the modern-day digital writing sphere; people that are capable of creating fresh and engaging content to turn your website prospects into paying customers.

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